Open-source alternative of Discord desktop's app.asar [experimental WIP] (MIRROR OF
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OpenAsar  /ˈoʊpən ʌsɑr/  (o-pen as-are)

Nightly Status License: AGPL v3

An open-source alternative of Discord desktop's app.asar


  • 🚀 Startup Speed: ~2x faster startup times (up to ~4x with experimental config)
  • 📈 Performance: OpenAsar can make your client feel snappier (scrolling, switching channels, etc)
  • 🖌️ Splash Theming: Easy theming for your splash which works with most themes for any client mod
  • 🔌 Drop-in: Replace one file and it's installed, that's it (same with uninstall)
  • ⚙️ Configurable: Adds many config options for Discord and OpenAsar enhancements (see config section)
  • ☁️ Lightweight: <1% of Discord's original size (9mb -> ~50kb)
  • 🛡️ No Tracking: Removes Discord's built-in tracking for crashes and errors in the asar (not app itself)

See FAQ for more details

Install Guide


You can configure OpenAsar by clicking the "OpenAsar..." version info in the bottom of your settings sidebar, which will open the config window.