Open-source alternative of Discord desktop's app.asar [experimental WIP] (MIRROR OF
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An experimental open-source alternative of Discord desktop's app.asar


  • 🚀 Startup Speed: ~2x faster startup times (up to ~4x with experimental config)
  • 📈 Performance: OpenAsar can make your client feel snappier (scrolling, switching channels, etc)
  • 🖌️ Splash Theming: Easy theming for your splash which works with most themes for any client mod
  • 🔌 Drop-in: Replace one file and it's installed, that's it (same with uninstall)
  • ⚙️ Configurable: Adds many config options for Discord and OpenAsar enhancements (see config section)
  • :feather: Lightweight: <1% of Discord's original size (9mb -> ~80kb)
  • 🛡️ No Tracking: Removes Discord's built-in tracking for crashes and errors in the asar (not app itself)

See FAQ for more details

Install Guide


You can configure OpenAsar via settings.json (found in your Discord app data / user data), under a openasar object. Keep in mind most options are defaults for good reason.

OpenAsar Options

  • quickstart (bool, default false) - whether to use Quickstart (experimental)
  • themeSync (bool, default true) - syncs your modded client's theme with splash theming
  • autoupdate (bool, default true) - whether to autoupdate OpenAsar after Discord startup
  • updatePrompt (bool, default false) - whether to show update prompt after updating OpenAsar
  • splashText (bool, default false) - whether to show bottom right version info text in splash

Extra Discord Options

  • multiInstance (bool, default false) - whether to enable multi-instance

An example of a settings.json with OpenAsar config:

  "BACKGROUND_COLOR": "#202225",
  "IS_MAXIMIZED": false,
  "IS_MINIMIZED": false,
    "x": 801,
    "y": 22,
    "width": 797,
    "height": 876
  "MINIMIZE_TO_TRAY": false,
  "OPEN_ON_STARTUP": false,
  "openasar": {
    "quickstart": true

Additionally there are some environmental variables you can use:

  • OPENASAR_QUICKSTART (bool, default false) - same as quickstart config option
  • OPENASAR_NOSTART (bool, default false) - if enabled halts starting after splash loads (for splash testing)