A horrifyingly bad set of coreutils.
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the best coreutils since minix


  1. reconsider your life decisions
  2. use glibc and x86 otherwise my code is shredded into pieces
  3. run make to produce the dbox executable (CC,CC_FLAGS,LD_FLAGS are the env variables i use for compiler settings)
  4. similar to busybox, you can either manually invoke dbox with the name of the executable (i.e. bin/dbox ls -cCa), or link the dbox executable to whatever you want to use (i.e. ln bin/dbox bin/ls; bin/ls -cCa)
  5. congrats, you have built the best set of coreutils since minix


  • fix memory issues in everything (but ls specifically)
  • proper formatting in ls
  • allow a way to manually use multi-binary mode? (currently you can (in theory) just rename the dbox executable to whatever program you want, albiet with the slight overhead of dbox)
  • better name for the executable than dbox