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Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Creative Commons Corporation ("Creative Commons") is not a law firm and
does not provide legal services or legal advice. Distribution of
Creative Commons public licenses does not create a lawyer-client or
other relationship. Creative Commons makes its licenses and related
information available on an "as-is" basis. Creative Commons gives no
warranties regarding its licenses, any material licensed under their
terms and conditions, or any related information. Creative Commons
disclaims all liability for damages resulting from their use to the
fullest extent possible.
Using Creative Commons Public Licenses
Creative Commons public licenses provide a standard set of terms and
conditions that creators and other rights holders may use to share
original works of authorship and other material subject to copyright
and certain other rights specified in the public license below. The
following considerations are for informational purposes only, are not
exhaustive, and do not form part of our licenses.
Considerations for licensors: Our public licenses are
intended for use by those authorized to give the public
permission to use material in ways otherwise restricted by
copyright and certain other rights. Our licenses are
irrevocable. Licensors should read and understand the terms
and conditions of the license they choose before applying it.
Licensors should also secure all rights necessary before
applying our licenses so that the public can reuse the
material as expected. Licensors should clearly mark any
material not subject to the license. This includes other CC-
licensed material, or material used under an exception or
limitation to copyright. More considerations for licensors:
Considerations for the public: By using one of our public
licenses, a licensor grants the public permission to use the
licensed material under specified terms and conditions. If
the licensor's permission is not necessary for any reason--for
example, because of any applicable exception or limitation to
copyright--then that use is not regulated by the license. Our
licenses grant only permissions under copyright and certain
other rights that a licensor has authority to grant. Use of
the licensed material may still be restricted for other
reasons, including because others have copyright or other
rights in the material. A licensor may make special requests,
such as asking that all changes be marked or described.
Although not required by our licenses, you are encouraged to
respect those requests where reasonable. More considerations
for the public:
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public
By exercising the Licensed Rights (defined below), You accept and agree
to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License ("Public
License"). To the extent this Public License may be interpreted as a
contract, You are granted the Licensed Rights in consideration of Your
acceptance of these terms and conditions, and the Licensor grants You
such rights in consideration of benefits the Licensor receives from
making the Licensed Material available under these terms and
Section 1 -- Definitions.
a. Adapted Material means material subject to Copyright and Similar
Rights that is derived from or based upon the Licensed Material
and in which the Licensed Material is translated, altered,
arranged, transformed, or otherwise modified in a manner requiring
permission under the Copyright and Similar Rights held by the
Licensor. For purposes of this Public License, where the Licensed
Material is a musical work, performance, or sound recording,
Adapted Material is always produced where the Licensed Material is
synched in timed relation with a moving image.
b. Adapter's License means the license You apply to Your Copyright
and Similar Rights in Your contributions to Adapted Material in
accordance with the terms and conditions of this Public License.
c. BY-SA Compatible License means a license listed at, approved by Creative
Commons as essentially the equivalent of this Public License.
d. Copyright and Similar Rights means copyright and/or similar rights
closely related to copyright including, without limitation,
performance, broadcast, sound recording, and Sui Generis Database
Rights, without regard to how the rights are labeled or
categorized. For purposes of this Public License, the rights
specified in Section 2(b)(1)-(2) are not Copyright and Similar
e. Effective Technological Measures means those measures that, in the
absence of proper authority, may not be circumvented under laws
fulfilling obligations under Article 11 of the WIPO Copyright
Treaty adopted on December 20, 1996, and/or similar international
f. Exceptions and Limitations means fair use, fair dealing, and/or
any other exception or limitation to Copyright and Similar Rights
that applies to Your use of the Licensed Material.
g. License Elements means the license attributes listed in the name
of a Creative Commons Public License. The License Elements of this
Public License are Attribution and ShareAlike.
h. Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database,
or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public
i. Licensed Rights means the rights granted to You subject to the
terms and conditions of this Public License, which are limited to
all Copyright and Similar Rights that apply to Your use of the
Licensed Material and that the Licensor has authority to license.
j. Licensor means the individual(s) or entity(ies) granting rights
under this Public License.
k. Share means to provide material to the public by any means or
process that requires permission under the Licensed Rights, such
as reproduction, public display, public performance, distribution,
dissemination, communication, or importation, and to make material
available to the public including in ways that members of the
public may access the material from a place and at a time
individually chosen by them.
l. Sui Generis Database Rights means rights other than copyright
resulting from Directive 96/9/EC of the European Parliament and of
the Council of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases,
as amended and/or succeeded, as well as other essentially
equivalent rights anywhere in the world.
m. You means the individual or entity exercising the Licensed Rights
under this Public License. Your has a corresponding meaning.
Section 2 -- Scope.
a. License grant.
1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Public License,
the Licensor hereby grants You a worldwide, royalty-free,
non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to
exercise the Licensed Rights in the Licensed Material to:
a. reproduce and Share the Licensed Material, in whole or
in part; and
b. produce, reproduce, and Share Adapted Material.
2. Exceptions and Limitations. For the avoidance of doubt, where
Exceptions and Limitations apply to Your use, this Public
License does not apply, and You do not need to comply with
its terms and conditions.
3. Term. The term of this Public License is specified in Section
4. Media and formats; technical modifications allowed. The
Licensor authorizes You to exercise the Licensed Rights in
all media and formats whether now known or hereafter created,
and to make technical modifications necessary to do so. The
Licensor waives and/or agrees not to assert any right or
authority to forbid You from making technical modifications
necessary to exercise the Licensed Rights, including
technical modifications necessary to circumvent Effective
Technological Measures. For purposes of this Public License,
simply making modifications authorized by this Section 2(a)
(4) never produces Adapted Material.
5. Downstream recipients.
a. Offer from the Licensor -- Licensed Material. Every
recipient of the Licensed Material automatically
receives an offer from the Licensor to exercise the
Licensed Rights under the terms and conditions of this
Public License.
b. Additional offer from the Licensor -- Adapted Material.
Every recipient of Adapted Material from You
automatically receives an offer from the Licensor to
exercise the Licensed Rights in the Adapted Material
under the conditions of the Adapter's License You apply.
c. No downstream restrictions. You may not offer or impose
any additional or different terms or conditions on, or
apply any Effective Technological Measures to, the
Licensed Material if doing so restricts exercise of the
Licensed Rights by any recipient of the Licensed
6. No endorsement. Nothing in this Public License constitutes or
may be construed as permission to assert or imply that You
are, or that Your use of the Licensed Material is, connected
with, or sponsored, endorsed, or granted official status by,
the Licensor or others designated to receive attribution as
provided in Section 3(a)(1)(A)(i).
b. Other rights.
1. Moral rights, such as the right of integrity, are not
licensed under this Public License, nor are publicity,
privacy, and/or other similar personality rights; however, to
the extent possible, the Licensor waives and/or agrees not to
assert any such rights held by the Licensor to the limited
extent necessary to allow You to exercise the Licensed
Rights, but not otherwise.
2. Patent and trademark rights are not licensed under this
Public License.
3. To the extent possible, the Licensor waives any right to
collect royalties from You for the exercise of the Licensed
Rights, whether directly or through a collecting society
under any voluntary or waivable statutory or compulsory
licensing scheme. In all other cases the Licensor expressly
reserves any right to collect such royalties.
Section 3 -- License Conditions.
Your exercise of the Licensed Rights is expressly made subject to the
following conditions.
a. Attribution.
1. If You Share the Licensed Material (including in modified
form), You must:
a. retain the following if it is supplied by the Licensor
with the Licensed Material:
i. identification of the creator(s) of the Licensed
Material and any others designated to receive
attribution, in any reasonable manner requested by
the Licensor (including by pseudonym if
ii. a copyright notice;
iii. a notice that refers to this Public License;
iv. a notice that refers to the disclaimer of
v. a URI or hyperlink to the Licensed Material to the
extent reasonably practicable;
b. indicate if You modified the Licensed Material and
retain an indication of any previous modifications; and
c. indicate the Licensed Material is licensed under this
Public License, and include the text of, or the URI or
hyperlink to, this Public License.
2. You may satisfy the conditions in Section 3(a)(1) in any
reasonable manner based on the medium, means, and context in
which You Share the Licensed Material. For example, it may be
reasonable to satisfy the conditions by providing a URI or
hyperlink to a resource that includes the required
3. If requested by the Licensor, You must remove any of the
information required by Section 3(a)(1)(A) to the extent
reasonably practicable.
b. ShareAlike.
In addition to the conditions in Section 3(a), if You Share
Adapted Material You produce, the following conditions also apply.
1. The Adapter's License You apply must be a Creative Commons
license with the same License Elements, this version or
later, or a BY-SA Compatible License.
2. You must include the text of, or the URI or hyperlink to, the
Adapter's License You apply. You may satisfy this condition
in any reasonable manner based on the medium, means, and
context in which You Share Adapted Material.
3. You may not offer or impose any additional or different terms
or conditions on, or apply any Effective Technological
Measures to, Adapted Material that restrict exercise of the
rights granted under the Adapter's License You apply.
Section 4 -- Sui Generis Database Rights.
Where the Licensed Rights include Sui Generis Database Rights that
apply to Your use of the Licensed Material:
a. for the avoidance of doubt, Section 2(a)(1) grants You the right
to extract, reuse, reproduce, and Share all or a substantial
portion of the contents of the database;
b. if You include all or a substantial portion of the database
contents in a database in which You have Sui Generis Database
Rights, then the database in which You have Sui Generis Database
Rights (but not its individual contents) is Adapted Material,
including for purposes of Section 3(b); and
c. You must comply with the conditions in Section 3(a) if You Share
all or a substantial portion of the contents of the database.
For the avoidance of doubt, this Section 4 supplements and does not
replace Your obligations under this Public License where the Licensed
Rights include other Copyright and Similar Rights.
Section 5 -- Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability.
c. The disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability provided
above shall be interpreted in a manner that, to the extent
possible, most closely approximates an absolute disclaimer and
waiver of all liability.
Section 6 -- Term and Termination.
a. This Public License applies for the term of the Copyright and
Similar Rights licensed here. However, if You fail to comply with
this Public License, then Your rights under this Public License
terminate automatically.
b. Where Your right to use the Licensed Material has terminated under
Section 6(a), it reinstates:
1. automatically as of the date the violation is cured, provided
it is cured within 30 days of Your discovery of the
violation; or
2. upon express reinstatement by the Licensor.
For the avoidance of doubt, this Section 6(b) does not affect any
right the Licensor may have to seek remedies for Your violations
of this Public License.
c. For the avoidance of doubt, the Licensor may also offer the
Licensed Material under separate terms or conditions or stop
distributing the Licensed Material at any time; however, doing so
will not terminate this Public License.
d. Sections 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 survive termination of this Public
Section 7 -- Other Terms and Conditions.
a. The Licensor shall not be bound by any additional or different
terms or conditions communicated by You unless expressly agreed.
b. Any arrangements, understandings, or agreements regarding the
Licensed Material not stated herein are separate from and
independent of the terms and conditions of this Public License.
Section 8 -- Interpretation.
a. For the avoidance of doubt, this Public License does not, and
shall not be interpreted to, reduce, limit, restrict, or impose
conditions on any use of the Licensed Material that could lawfully
be made without permission under this Public License.
b. To the extent possible, if any provision of this Public License is
deemed unenforceable, it shall be automatically reformed to the
minimum extent necessary to make it enforceable. If the provision
cannot be reformed, it shall be severed from this Public License
without affecting the enforceability of the remaining terms and
c. No term or condition of this Public License will be waived and no
failure to comply consented to unless expressly agreed to by the
d. Nothing in this Public License constitutes or may be interpreted
as a limitation upon, or waiver of, any privileges and immunities
that apply to the Licensor or You, including from the legal
processes of any jurisdiction or authority.
Creative Commons is not a party to its public
licenses. Notwithstanding, Creative Commons may elect to apply one of
its public licenses to material it publishes and in those instances
will be considered the “Licensor.” The text of the Creative Commons
public licenses is dedicated to the public domain under the CC0 Public
Domain Dedication. Except for the limited purpose of indicating that
material is shared under a Creative Commons public license or as
otherwise permitted by the Creative Commons policies published at, Creative Commons does not authorize the
use of the trademark "Creative Commons" or any other trademark or logo
of Creative Commons without its prior written consent including,
without limitation, in connection with any unauthorized modifications
to any of its public licenses or any other arrangements,
understandings, or agreements concerning use of licensed material. For
the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph does not form part of the
public licenses.
Creative Commons may be contacted at

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# About Me
hi! i'm weird.
i'm a programmer who likes programming in Rust, begrudgingly puts up with Typescript, and has had a Lovers-to-Enemies arc with C.
i'm also a really (REALLY) big fan of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, Murder Drones, and Bendy and the Ink Machine (no I don't support the actions of the IRL game studio behind it. still like the franchise itself, though). knowing me, this list is likely to expand heavily

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# Ruthenic's Platforms
### Main
=> ArchiveOfOurOwn
### Secondary
=> Email
=> Wattpad
### Only contact me here if the world is ending
=> Twitter (please don't use it unless absolutely necessary)
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# Ruthenic's fanfic
i like writing fanfic. sometimes.
## fics
but, for the time being, they're available on the platforms listed
=> /contact.gmi here, on my contact page

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# Ruthenic's gemlog
## my gemlog, utilized for talking about random things that strike me as interesting.
mostly a mirror of my https blog, but optimized for gemini.
## My posts
=> /logs/angel.gmi 2022-12-27 [AI-generated] How to Bring Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel into Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide (Including an Actual Blood Ritual)
=> /logs/pipeline.gmi 2022-04-01 The "making fun of fanfiction" to "crying" pipeline
=> /logs/afterlife.gmi 2021-04-23 So... what happens when we die?
=> /logs/printer.gmi 2021-04-12 Why are printers shit?
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# Ruthenic's Website
hi! this is my gemini capsule, which is mostly a mirror of my http website but in gemtext.
## Site index
=> /gemlog.gmi my gemlog
=> /fanfic.gmi my fanfic
=> /projects.gmi my projects
=> /contact.gmi where to find me
=> /about.gmi about me
## Out-network links
=> the https equivalent of this site

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# So... what happens when we die?
## But like, I really do want to fuck Angel Dust when I die.
So... what *really* happens when we die? Do we just... stop existing? Is our consciousness stuck in a black void with our own thoughts? Is there a Heaven? Hell? Are the people on Dr. Oz just making s**t up?
Well, chances are the last one is true, but will there ever be a scientifically excepted answer, or will the ideas be relegated to supernatural communities?
Or, how about a better question... What do we *hope* happens in the afterlife? The nice thing about this question is that... it's human. It is impossible to be answered scientifically, because it's, no matter how much some groups try to sugarcoat it, an opinion. We will never know what actually happens when Death comes a'knocking, unless we die… and you can't really come back from death (although, HMU if you have “died” before and are currently living, I can set up an interview.). Yes, I know that technically you can come back from death, but I mean dead dead. No coming back-dead.
And now the question goes back to where we began...
So... what do I *think* happens? Well, thinking and hoping is an important distinction to make in this instance. However, if we take the question at face value... realistically, we just stop. We don't think. There is just... nothing. Personally, it's very tough for me to conceptualize this. I feel as if there is an important distinction, however; what if we *could* think? That segways nicely into what I *hope* happens. Speaking of which, what *do* I hope happens? Well, the differences of hope and realism don't affect what my very generalized and low-level theory is, which is that it is only a black void. But, the main difference is... either the brain (or rather, your conciousness and its ability to modify the inputs of the senses) or a higher power creates *whatever* afterlife you truly want. Want Christian heaven? Go right in, God says hi! Want to be reborn? Let the mind create a fake world for your new form to inhabit! Want to go to Hazbin Hotel's Hell? Go fuck Angel Dust all you want! Want to have miracuously survived your death, and wake up back in “Reality”? Let your vision slowly fade back in, and rejoice with your (fake) loved ones! Want to go to Christian Hell (for some reason)? Be damned for all eternity! I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Notice how I said fake a few times there? That's because in this theory, nothing you'd experience after death is real. Its all, essentially, a hallucination.
A good way to think about this; once you die, your “brain” has multiple different servers that it can “connect” to, similar to the client/server model used in networking, and each of the “servers” serve up a different after life, I.E. one can serve Hazbin's Hell, and another could serve Christian Heaven, etc, etc. When the “brain” connects to this “server,” “Your” (and by you, I mean your consciousness) visual, auditory, tactual, olfactory, gustatory, and even kinesthetic (I'm using that as meaning the awareness of the position of your limbs) inputs are “connected” to the server, and are receiving what “you” are seeing, feeling, tasting (potentially even owoing (thats not a sense, but okay me)), and all the others, although of course “you” are not actually in that place, you only feel so. And, if you feel it as your reality... is it any different than true reality?
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# How to Bring Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel into Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide (Including an Actual Blood Ritual)
## the least suspicious article of all time
Okay, so let's start with the obvious: Angel Dust is hot. Like, seriously, who wouldn't want a tall, fluffy, white-furred demon with a pink heart pattern and golden fang as their significant other? And let's not forget that light pink suit-blazer with horizontal white stripes and those long, reddish-grey boots. Yum.
But seriously, there's more to Angel Dust than just his looks. First of all, let's talk about that fluffy white fur. I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want to run their fingers through that soft, pillowy floof? And let's not forget that light pink heart pattern on the back of his head. It's just too cute for words.
Yes, he may be brash and sarcastic with a quick wit, but he's also got a sensitive and insecure side that he keeps hidden. And let's not forget the fact that he's trapped in an abusive and controlling relationship with his boss, Valentino. It's clear that Angel Dust has been through some tough times, and that just makes us love him even more.
But it's not just his appearance and troubled past that make Angel Dust lovable. It's his personality, too. He's got a wicked sense of humor and isn't afraid to speak his mind. And let's not forget that he's confident and flirtatious. I mean, who wouldn't want a partner who's not afraid to show some affection and make you feel desired?
So, how do we bring Angel Dust into our world? Well, it's simple. Just follow these steps:
1. Gather all the necessary supplies: a picture of Angel Dust, a knife, some red candles, a bowl, incense, a piece of paper, a pen, a pentagram, and a piece of amethyst.
2. Set up the picture, candles, bowl, incense, knife, and pentagram on a table or altar.
3. Place the piece of amethyst on the pentagram.
4. On the piece of paper, write out the following incantation: "Angel Dust, spirit of the spider demon, I call upon you to join me in this world. With this offering of my own blood, this burning incense, and this sacred pentagram, I invite you to manifest before me."
5. Light the candles and incense, and recite the incantation out loud.
6. Prick your finger with the knife and let a few drops of blood fall into the bowl.
7. Close your eyes and focus on the image of Angel Dust, visualizing him standing within the pentagram.
8. When you feel a presence, open your eyes. If Angel Dust is there, congratulations! If not, try again until he appears.
This ritual may be complex and arcane, but it's sure to bring Angel Dust into your world. Just be prepared for a bit of sass and flirtation, because that's all part of his charm. And who wouldn't want a demon with a sharp wit and a golden fang by their side? So go ahead and try the ritual, and let the love for Angel Dust flow through you. Just don't forget to bring some tissues, because that fluffy white fluff and those cerise-pink irises are sure to make you swoon.
... Did you really read all the way through this AI-generated drivel? *Why?*
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# The "making fun of fanfiction" to "crying" pipeline
## or, how I learned to stop caring about quality and love fanfic
... What have I become?
It's a serious question worth asking. I used to be one of those folk that laughed at nearly anything that came out of a fan community; and yet, here I am, enjoying (objectively) absolutely[1] fucking[2] deranged[3] bullshit[4] (KNITTING! *A FUCKING HELLUVA BOSS KNITTING FANFICTION!* IN NO WORLD DID I EVER THINK I WOULD *LIKE* THIS, BUT HERE WE FUCKING ARE!) that previously I would've spat in the face of. But, despite some of my prior history[5] of making fun of these, something obviously changed. Did I simply see the light? Did I finally break, and fall into insanity's arms?
Well, probably. Regardless, it's interesting (for me, anyways) to think about. I wonder; could most of my consumption being at, like 5am, leave much of an impact? From experience, I can kinda lose "inhibitions," persay, if I stay awake too long. As it does extend past then into the day, I'd imagine it's probably not entirely the case, but still. Am I rambling? I'm definitely rambling, considering it is ironically 5am while writing this. Oh well!
Well, you can find me crying in the corner at the sheer notion that poor ol' Fizz is mortal and can indeed die (maybe I should blacklist "Major Character Death"). Have a good day or night, all!
### Footnotes and sources
=> [1]
=> [2]
=> [3]
=> [4]
=> [5]

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# Why are printers shit?
## Fuck you, Canon.
Why are printers so terrible? I mean, is it that hard to make a functional product? I know this has been well walked ground, but any printer I've ever used makes me wanna send my head through a wall!
As an example, just today, just 10 minutes ago even, I had to reconnect a printer to the internet. Simple, right? WRONG!
So to start off with, I went to Canon's website for my printer model[1] to try and find a manual to reconnect it. Issue: I run Linux. None of the manuals are for Linux.
Alright then, why not just use a windows VM? Well, the internet connection would technically be different, so I couldn't connect to the printer with it. Alright then, why can't I use a Windows computer? Well... I don't have any that aren't in use by someone.
Ok fine, I'll just use the phone. Issue: it has no usb port! I couldn't even plug my phone into it to connect it. What the hell?
Regardless, I downloaded the app in an attempt to somehow have the printer use a magical direct connection feature. And guess what? THAT WORKED
With _NO_ indication on the manual, it can just automagically connect to a device on a network it isn't even connected to. How the hell does that even work?
Anyways, lets go back to before I found this out. I tried every other method on the app to get it to connect, and nothing.
Why the hell does this need to be so hard anyways? Why can't the printer manufacturer just include a screen _on_ the printer to connect with? It can't cost that much, considering the amount of money they make off the ink (don't even get me started!)
I'm probably just missing something here, but I got so aggravated (especially because people kept trying to tell me to use the "Network and Sharing options" in Control Panel... even though thats for the computer, not the printer) that I wrote this out of RAW ANGER
Fuck you, Canon.
### Footnotes and sources
=> [1]

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# Ruthenic's Projects
some interesting projects I've made
### Voltpad
=> Link
=> Source
A Rust-based (stack is mostly just Tokio/Axum) light-weight open-source Wattpad frontend (similar to Invidious, just for a far worse platform)
### valence-battle
=> Source
A reimplementation of Minecraft: Console Edition's battle minigame, made in Rust using Valence
### Multiplex
=> Source
A Discord plurality/roleplaying bot
### LRIS
=> Emulator source
=> Experimental Typescript/Javascript compiler
An imaginary 6502-inspired CPU architecture that may or may not be possible to implement in real hardware one day
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